A Digital Bulletin Board Created For Modern Families.

Hearth Display is the first interactive digital calendar, task manager, & routine builder all in one. Now, you can stay up-to-date on what’s for dinner, who’s got swim practice, and when that book club meetup is happening.

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Securely Sync & Access
All Your Information At
Home or On-The-Go

Perfect for families, couples & anyone looking to ditch multiple calendars, whiteboards, or post-it notes to keep everyone organized.

Now you can edit, track, & store everyone’s information on the smart mounted display or on your phone using the app.

Virtual Assistant Ensures
You Never Miss an
Important Event Again

The “Hearth Helper” saves you time by letting you upload photos or PDFs of schedule updates & forward emails with important event information that are automatically added to your central calendar.

Build Good Habits With
Routine Tracking

The “Routine Builder” feature encourages proactive participation through rewards and incentives, turning obligations into natural habits.

Designed to Look
Beautiful in Any Home

Preorders are launching soon!

Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!