Ditch the Bulletin Board: A Digital Wall Calendar is Best

Three tips for making your family planner work for you and not vice versa


Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that one of the top issues couples fight about is money.1 We’d argue to say that the underlying problem for this and most issues is communication or lack thereof. It’s no different for families. Kids need to be picked up for soccer practice at this time, the big meeting at the office begins at that time and so on. What if there was a better way to verbalize this kind of information and in a non-nagging way that kept everyone in your home on the same page? Here at Hearth we are keen on just that; let’s bring the bulletin board into the 21st century. Enter the digital wall calendar of your dreams. Yes there’s a touch screen and an app for that!

Both children and adults alike benefit from a schedule. They especially benefit parents so kids aren’t affected by their own anxieties.2 Family planners exist for a reason… they help! Or at least they try to. We’ve all tried paper planners, but those still leave some disconnected and out of the loop. White boards have their moment, but only when you’re physically near them. Don’t accidentally brush by either, as you will literally watch your plans wave goodbye. We all want our family unit to operate like a well-oiled machine, so here are 3 tips for making your family calendar work for you and not against you. Here’s to reducing anxiety and increasing family harmony and fun!

1) Use It

The best calendar is the one you actually use. This means that if it is easy and accessible, you’re more likely to utilize it. Hearth Display is a digital wall calendar with a touch screen, so not only is it super user friendly, but your kids will likely want to use it. We make organizing fun! Click here to learn more about it and see how the display works.

2) View It

Make your calendar visible to all who it affects. Share it for all to see! Bulletin or white boards can be a bit of an eyesore. Hearth makes keeping your family organized as chic as possible, so don’t let decor stop you from accomplishing your family’s goals. It’s not just a pretty face though. Our digital planner is accessible and easy to read, plus you never have to erase it and start over. Reviewing it daily is good, but maybe make a habit out of going through the week each Sunday afternoon or evening, so the entire family unit can be ready to roll come Monday morning. Creating habits like this will not only benefit you, but your kids for years to come.

3) Connect It

Access your online calendar, even when you’re on the go. We get it. You’re busy and not necessarily at home. That’s why we have the Hearth app that seamlessly connects your family planner (and more!) to your phone, as well as to your entire household. While we can’t promise you’ll never lose track of your day again, you’ll at least know how to get it back on track and finish out your week strong.


Your kids will see you making plans and completing tasks, which will teach them early on the importance of planning and follow through. Try having your children put things in the calendar to get them involved. Take a classmate’s birthday for example. Have your child enter the birthday party into the digital planner, along with reminders for the RSVP deadline and a note to buy them a gift. Let them count down the days themselves via the digital wall calendar. This will empower them and educate them for the future!

Have we sold you yet? Interested in a Hearth Display of your own? Click here to get early access to pre-orders Be sure to take advantage of our special pre-order deals while you’re at it. It’s high time the family calendar has evolved and we are excited to bring it to you.

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