Friday Five with Carrie Radford

Friday Five with Carrie Radford

Carrie Radford on how new motherhood has changed her family’s day-to-today life and how she manages through the muck by creating memories.

Having just moved from Washington D.C. to Denver, Colorado, we were so excited to have some of new mom Carrie Radford’s precious time. Besides caring for her daughter Margot and her husband Ben, she is a photographer and marketing guru, currently leading marketing efforts at Metalmark Fine Jewelry. Keep reading for her take on thriving through the madness of life and bringing order (and fun!) to her family.

What do you think makes a space feel like home?

After moving eight times in seven years I've really learned that the people in it and the community around you can make any space feel like a home.


What's a favorite ordinary, "everyday" moment that happens at home?

Right now mornings are my favorite. We usually all pile in bed as we sip our coffee, feed Margot, and chat before the chaos of the day begins.

What family routines have you established that help decrease stress for you and your household?

We really try to plan ahead for the things that can be routine and automated. We have a shared grocery list that we build on through the week and plan out our meals for the following week. We also set aside a day mid month and one at the end to budget.


What is your favorite tradition you’ve established with your family?

Anytime there is something worth celebrating (both big and small) we have celebratory french toast! We started it years ago and now it has really stuck as a tradition. We really love to travel to new cities and countries each year and those memories are some of the sweetest to me.

When you think about your life, what do you feel you want more of? And what do you wish you had less of?

More of being present and just enjoying each day, less of stress and chaos.


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