This Founder and Art Expert Relies on Her Hearth Display To Keep Her Family Organized

This Founder and Art Expert Relies on Her Hearth Display To Keep Her Family Organized

Welcome to Community Spotlight. It's a space for us to showcase members of our Hearth network who are integrating organization at home, building more equitable home lives, and inspiring us to do the same. 

Meet Liz Lidgett. She's the owner of Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design, located in Des Moines, IA. Her family includes her husband (Nick), their kids Rocky (5) and Effie (3), and a dog and cat. It's a full house, decked in a beautiful art collection. 

What has always been the most frustrating part of family organization? 
I am fascinated by other people’s routines. I was constantly looking for the key to unlock efficiencies that could help us move through our lives more smoothly. We tried synced calendars on our phones, special apps, paper calendars, a cork board, dry erase boards—none of it worked, all of it was abandoned.

Are there any ways your Hearth Display has surprised you?
Hearth Display has been a game changer in our family. My husband and I consult it together multiple times a week and always on our Sunday night family meetings. It’s so helpful to be able to see the big pictures and talk through it together.

I am surprised that technology/a screen has somehow actually created more communication between us. I am also surprised by how much my husband and kids love the to-do list tab. They check the tab and see if there’s anything they can do to help. It’s incredible. I will also say that it is pretty satisfying to check things off on the list too.

How has family organization shifted as your kids have gotten older?
Well, now my kids are in two different schools plus their own activities. There are so many days, spirit weeks, show and tells, etc. that we have to remember and keep organized. Somehow with Hearth Display, it is helping us find schedule overlaps, free time, babysitter needs, and more as being this central hub for my husband and I to talk through everything.

If you could have one chore completed for you for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Never would I ever put gas in my car again.

When my family's organized, it feels like ________.
Freedom. Freedom to be creative, use our time however we want, and thrive.


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