Family Habits to Raise Empowered Children

Family Habits to Raise Empowered Children

Three thoughts for empowering our kids and raising independent children

You’ve probably heard the “teach a man to fish” instead of just “giving him a fish” analogy, but have you ever considered applying that to your family habits? We live in a “now” society which makes it hard to delegate or even think of letting someone complete a task for us that we could possibly do better and faster. We understand monetary investments, so why is it so hard to apply the same strategy to time? Ultimately, taking an extra 10-15 minutes a day now to empower your kids will pay off in the future as well as teach them to be confident and courageous in their own skin. Here are 3 ideas for family habits that will help in regard to empowering children.

Here are 3 ideas for family habits that will help in regard to empowering children.

  1. Employ Patience. You will likely need it. Growing up in this era, your children will need it too! Kids aren’t exactly the fastest when it comes to giving them reign over their choices. You should let them do small things like pick out their outfits, tie their own shoes, choose their meals, but be prepared regarding time. Obviously don’t give them complete free reign in regard to time frame. Perhaps plan for an extra 10 - 15 minutes here and there so they can have space to make decisions on their own. Rushing them will typically make things worse both in the moment and in the long run.
  2. Encourage Independence. Oxford Dictionary defines “independent” as free “from outside control; not depending on another's authority.” Yes, your kids will need you from time to time, but the goal is to raise them to be autonomous, right? A great way to instill independence is to let them run their day. Hearth Display is an easy way to get this in motion. Hearth has features that encourage healthy habits, independence and autonomy of owning responsibilities and chores. It also has consistent behavior tracking that can help parents encourage healthy development behaviors – AND track and report out on progress as they grow. Not to mention, it is visible, so it serves as a physical reminder of their daily routine. They can access it themselves, so there’s no time limit or need to ask permission in contrast to a personal device or a white board that might accidentally have been erased. Plus, touch screens are fun!
  3. Instill Grace. The truth is that our kids won’t get it right all of the time. Do we even get it right a fraction of the time? When mistakes and mishaps occur, remember #1 and be patient, but also use it as a teachable moment. How we react affects how our kids react. Don’t worry, mama! If you mess up and don’t get it right in your reaction, you can use that as an example of what not to do. Owning up to mistakes is huge in empowering kids to take responsibility for their actions, so this lesson is invaluable.

This post isn’t to say don’t do special things for your children. Giving often brings us joy. Consider this empowerment a gift though! Let them make decisions (and mistakes) under your roof and help them shape into the young adult they will soon be. Self esteem will skyrocket and self worth can begin to bloom. Both are especially important in this Instagram-scene life. The family habits you start now can help combat what the world tells them and begin a life long empowerment your kids will feel for years to come.

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