Here's Everything You Need To Know About To-Dos On Your Hearth Display

Here's Everything You Need To Know About To-Dos On Your Hearth Display

As a software company, we're constantly improving. Here's the latest from one of our favorite features: our to-dos.

Our updates, as subtle as they may seem, mark a significant stride towards promoting equitable family life. These improvements, designed for both the Hearth Display and Companion App, introduce functionalities that enhance efficiency, flexibility, and shared responsibility within households.


Scheduled To-Dos

By scheduling your To-Dos, you can now set specific due dates as well as schedule recurring To-Dos for future dates! Whether it's a homework deadline or a household chore, you'll be able to schedule To-Dos for the dates you need. 

Sorting for Prioritization

With our new sorting and filtering options, you can arrange your To-Dos based on their due dates, their importance, or by which to-dos were most recently created. Sorting options are available on both the Hearth Companion App and Hearth Display to ensure that your most important to-dos are always at the top!

Filtering for Focus

Focus on the To-Dos you need right away by filtering on both your Hearth Display and Companion app. On your Hearth Display, you can filter by due date and recurrence. On your Hearth Companion App, you can also filter by the person assigned. When filtering, the To-Do only needs to satisfy one of the selected filters in order to appear. For example, if you select the filters ‘overdue’ and ‘no date’, you will see To-Dos that are overdue and To-dos without a due date. Check out the GIF below to see filtering in action.

To-Dos for Anyone

We’ve updated our ‘Shared’ To-Dos to ‘Anyone.’ When creating a To-Do, selecting the new ‘Anyone’ option encourages the To-Do to be completed by anyone in your household. Recurring To-Dos can now be created for Anyone, too. For example, weekly chores like taking out the garbage can be completed by any family member. When someone in your household completes this To-Do, it will show up in their column as “Done” so you know exactly who should get the credit!

Recurring To-Dos

With these new changes, our To-Dos streaks will be changing as well. Now, streaks for recurring To-Dos will reset if not completed on the due date to encourage you and your family to keep up those habits!


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