Meet Our Family Membership

Meet Our Family Membership

Expect our latest features and maximum organization—all downloaded automatically to your Hearth Display.

Start your Family Membership

Unlock the full potential of Hearth with our brand new Family Membership. Create unlimited profiles, fully customize your Display, and cancel anytime.

Our Family Membership gives you access to our suite of family management tools and features. Updated over the air, they’re always being improved and upgraded.

For $9 per month, you’ll have access to shared calendars and to-dos, customized routines, our SMS-based AI assistant, Hearth Helper, our Weather Widget, Privacy Mode, and soon-to-be-released features we’re excited to share. If you’re not sure our Family Membership is for you, you’ll still have access to unlimited profiles and basic calendar visibility. Learn more about our features here.

If you’re hoping to lean on your Hearth Display as a center of management and source of truth, our Family Membership is the perfect place to start. Plus, it’s simple to activate at any time.

Every Hearth Display purchase includes a free month of our Family Membership, so you can try before committing. And if you decide to opt for an annual charge, you’ll save 20% every month.


Family Membership FAQ

What’s my commitment to the membership?

Your commitment is month-to-month, unless you opt to save 20% with our annual Family Membership offering. We’re committed to offering even more features—continuously creating more organization for your family life.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, simply email Please note you will still have access to the full Family Membership experience until the end of your current billing cycle. If you decide to reactivate your Family Membership, you'll have access to every feature update that's been released to date. 


If I don’t upgrade to a Family Membership, will my Hearth Display still work?

Your Hearth Display will include its basic calendar functionality without a Family Membership. Our expanding suite of family management features requires an activated Family Membership.


When does my Family Membership start?

Your access to all that Hearth Display has to offer starts as soon as you activate your Family Membership. And remember: your first month is on us.


Still have questions? Head over here for more answers to commonly asked questions.


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