Say hello to our new look

Say hello to our new look
Today is a big day in Hearth history as we unveil our updated brand, which includes new logo and colors. We’re still the same Hearth helping busy families organize, but as we learn and grow as a team, our look and feel should evolve with us.

We've refined our brand look and feel to better reflect the heart behind Hearth. You'll see these updates roll out across our social channels, website, and software. These changes apply to all Hearth customers, so whether Hearth Display is already in your home, or whether you're anxiously awaiting our next preorder drop, you'll get to experience the magic unfold in the weeks and months to come.

Our new style is all about infusing more magic. Whether that’s highlighting the family moments our technology unlocks, or adding pops of unexpected wonder and joy to every facet of our visual experience, we’re making the everyday more magical.

More magic for all 

Our mark showcases the effortless flow of magical moments throughout the home. We've taken the roots from our old identity and brought them to life in a playful new way.

Our icons are whimsical and bring exciting pops of color to our brand world. They depict everything from household chores to birthday parties and so much more. They highlight the everyday moments we experience:


When our lives get messy and we feel like there is just too much to do, the idea of being organized can seem impossible. We created headline animations that depict the relief of having it all in the right place.

 Finally, we highlight magic moments in our photography because we know that those are the best moments of all. After all, some of the most memorable moments are the ones that happen without any planning at all.

Our brand manifesto

Some of the most magical moments are the ones that happen without any planning. The car ride that turns into a spontaneous Moana sing along, or the night grandpa decides to make his famous enchiladas with a side of mostly-true stories. When you have an impromptu roommate romcom marathon, or let the dogs climb into bed with you on a lazy Sunday morning. These are the moments that make life as a household so special. And when your youngest child finally picks up all their toys without you almost tripping over one first? That’s pretty magical, too.
Hearth is here to make those magical moments happen more often and more easily. We design technology that makes it simple for every member of the household to stay organized, so you can spend less energy on surviving the day, and more energy savoring those quiet in-between times with your all-time favorite humans. When we create mental space for people to simply be together, that’s when brilliant schemes are hatched and the fun in a household takes on a life of its own.




We hope you love our new branding as much as we do, and we thank you for welcoming Hearth into your home.


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