Comparing family operating systems

Comparing family operating systems

How Hearth compares to the other family calendars, like Cozi Calendar App, OurHome and more

While we are #TeamHearth all the way, we understand you may not be… yet! We thought it would be helpful to compare Hearth to some of the family calendars out there like Cozi Calendar, OurHome, or even just an online calendar – so you can see what makes us different.

When we first dreamed up Hearth, we didn't necessarily plan on creating a brand new system (if you're curious, you can read our founding story here). We were simply looking for a solution that helped families communicate more effectively by scheduling events, organizing projects and tasks, and encouraging healthy routines. As we looked at the available options, we found a bunch of tools that seemed to do part of what we wanted, but nothing that was modernized enough to fit in with all the other tools we had grown used to using in other areas of life.

We found app-only solutions that were easy to forget about, especially when multiple people had to use it together; we found unintuitive whiteboards that only work when you're right in front of them; and we even found digital boards that people had hacked together – but even those didn't actually solve scheduling and communication issues.

As we explored those options, we decided we all deserve something better to organize our families – particularly when we were feeling the pain points of not having the right solution almost daily.

After looking at everything available, we knew we wanted something that had the ability to keep everyone on the same page by being highly visible, but also accessible anywhere.Here’s a quick breakdown of what we liked (and didn't like) about other options:

App Only Options

Applications you have on your phone like Cozi Calendar, Google Cal, iCal, Calendar, Our Home


  • At your fingertips
  • Easily transportable
  • Lives in the cloud even if device is lost
  • Can log in anywhere
  • Keeps family members connected


  • Must have personal device to use (kids don’t have easy access)
  • No central location in the home
  • No visual reminder unless looking at the app
  • On a multi-use device which often leads to distraction


Physical Options

Physical calendar representations that live at your home or office like whiteboards, bulletin boards, chalk boards


  • Visual for all family members
  • Single use, so no distractions
  • Can personalize it as needed to truly fit your family


  • Must re-write every week or month
  • Manual to add and keep up with
  • Can accidentally be rubbed or wiped off without backup of what was there
  • Only helps when home, not easily transferable
  • Often an eyesore to home aesthetic


Hearth Display

The all in one solution that lives on your phone or personal device and your home

  • Accessible both in home and on the go
  • Customizable software (create family profiles, color coordinate, use features like the routine builder and to-do lists)
  • Aesthetically pleasing – and customizable to fit your home's design
  • Learn more about all of Hearth’s capabilities here


We realize that we are on the go more than ever these days and you need something both in your living space and with you at all times. It’s proven that having a visual calendar your entire family can utilize works the best for both organization and efficiency; however, we know that it’s essential to be accessible at all times to work. So… we went out and made it. Remember, we are here to keep you connected.

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