Filter To-dos For Maximum Family Organization

Filter To-dos For Maximum Family Organization

Filtering to-dos on your Hearth Display is a simple way to organize what’s left to be done. With to-dos filters, you can view the to-dos you want to see, exactly when you want to see them. It's our little way to help lessen the load, while keeping you and your family on track.

On your Hearth Display, your to-dos are categorized into five sections by default: past, today, tomorrow, upcoming, and no date based on the due date you assign to each to-do.

From this view, you’ll be able to get started on filtering.

To get started on filtering, tap the filter icon on the top right of your Display to open up the filtering and sorting menu. Sorting will show your family’s to-dos in a specific order. For example, selecting priority on the sort by section will move all priority to-dos in every column to the top. Selecting “date”, will sort your family’s to-dos by the date they are due, and selecting “newest” will ensure your most recently created to-dos appear at the top.

You can use filters to showcase what’s top of mind. The today filter will only show any of your to-dos that are due today. This includes your overdue to-dos, as well. The tomorrow filter will show any of your to-dos that are due tomorrow. Selecting the next 7 and 30 days filters will surface any to-dos that are due within the next week or month. The No Date filter surfaces any to-dos without a date—which can be helpful in finding to-dos that only happen one time.

The overdue filter will show any of your to-dos that are overdue and hide all other to-dos. The recurring filter will show any recurring to-dos no matter what other filters are selected. Similar to the “Recurring” filter, the “Done” filter will only show to-dos that have been completed when selected. Tap the arrow in the done section to make these visible. Tapping Reset will reset all sorting and filtering and show all the to-dos that have been added to Hearth from either the Display or the Companion App.

Filtering to-dos on the Hearth Display is separate from our Companion App. That means you can customize your personal to-dos view without affecting your family’s shared view on the Display. On the Companion App, you can also filter by family member, in case you only want to see your own to-dos.

Experiment with a combination of filters to find what’s right for your family. Resetting your to-do filters surfaces every single to-do your family has yet to complete, for our most holistic view.

If you want to see all of your to-dos that are due today and overdue, but you also want to see what’s coming up tomorrow, you can select the “Today” and “Tomorrow” filters. If you’d like to see only your recurring to-dos, tap the recurring to-dos filter. This will only show to-dos that are recurring. Once you find a filter combination that works for your family, you’ll wonder how you ever completed disaggregated tasks before your Hearth Display.