How To Hang Your Hearth Display Without A Visible Cord

How To Hang Your Hearth Display Without A Visible Cord

At Hearth, we're proud of how simple the Hearth Display is to install. Most families report back that hanging their Hearth Display was much easier than expected. 

For families looking for a seamless look, installing a Hearth Display using a recessed outlet is the best choice. While any outlet works, a recessed outlet, as seen in this video, is the key to a cord-free look. 

Click here for a handy guide on how to hang your Hearth Display with a recessed outlet. You'll start with ordering this outlet, or something similar. While we recommend hanging your Hearth Display at the same height as it if was being connected to an external outlet, your decision on location is dictated on where your recessed outlet exists in your home.

Still stuck on where to hang your Hearth Display? We get into some of our favorite tips and tricks here

Follow these steps for an easy recessed outlet installation: 

1. Starting at the center of your secured Hearth Mount, measure form the top edfe up 6-1/2". This will be the bottom edge of your new recessed electrical housing and outlet. 

Direct your licensed electrician to install the recessed electrical housing and outlet using your mark as a guide. 

2. Feed your power cord into the cord sleeve from the top. Pull the cord downward until the connector is fully seated and snug. 

Plug your Hearth 6-ft power supply cord into the recessed outlet. 

Wrap any excess cord around the cord wrap and through the central slot. 

3. Align the back of your Hearth Display with the mounting track on your Hearth Mount. 

Once aligned, firmly slide the Display downward until fully sealed. Your Hearth Display will power on automatically. 

Again, you can always reference this installation guide for more detailed instructions. 


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