Where Should I Hang My Hearth Display?

Where Should I Hang My Hearth Display?

Part of what makes Hearth Display effective as a tool to bring your family's organization together is its centralized location. That's why knowing where to hang your Hearth matters. 

Every family is different. Some want a digital calendar that's out of sight, while others can't wait to give their Hearth Display prominence in the middle of the living room. If you're hoping to make using your digital calendar and display a group effort, there are some important factors to keep in mind when it comes to installing your Hearth Display. 

Your Hearth Display arrives with everything you need. 

Install is simple. Here's a quick video that outlines everything you'll need to know. Your order includes a custom wall mount with a built-in level. Here's a link to our installation guide, too, in case you'd like even more details. 

Keep in mind the six-foot power cord. 

Year Hearth Display has to be plugged into an outlet to operate. Our six-foot cord can easily be extended with any extension cord you have at home, but more most families, this isn't an issue. Think about the height of all your family members when hanging! Or keep a step stool nearby for younger users. 

Consider recessed mounting. 

Excited about Hearth but less excited about a visible cord? We get it. That's why a lot of families opt for recessed mounting. It's a job best fit for a professional. Once you've established a recessed outlet, here's a handy guide specifically for this kind of installation. 

Think about your family's everyday life.  

As you consider where to install your family's Hearth Display, notice the patterns of your household. Does everyone congregate in the kitchen? Is the mud room where you've always hung chore charts and calendars? Is the living room your central hub? Make note of where your family ends up naturally, and consider this inspiration for where to hang your Hearth Display.

Choosing a location that's accessible and trafficked is key to making us your centralized family touchscreen. 

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