Meet Our New Weather Widget

Meet Our New Weather Widget

Here’s the scoop on our latest upgrade.

Weather impacts every part of your family’s day. Knowing what to wear is just the start. And after lots of requests for a weather feature, we’re so excited to share what you can expect from our latest innovation.

Training kids (and adults) to feel prepared for their day starts with surveying what the day ahead holds. Going through their morning routines, knowing what the weather will be like can help get kids thinking about how they can best dress to meet the day, the sorts of things we might have to pack for recess, or even how certain weather might impact their after-school activities.

When families plan their week ahead, being able to incorporate impending weather is crucial. We build our very own weather widget with this in mind. Knowing the current weather and the week ahead’s weather felt essential to prioritizing planning.

Displaying real-time weather details, including the daily high and low temperature, our weather widget updates to your area. It’s easy to tap onto the weather widget to view the week ahead or the day ahead. The weather widget will appear when your Hearth Display is set on Privacy Mode; giving you a chance to take a look as you pass by.

Weather is a fact of life. And being mindful of its changes helps us all stay on top of planning for what’s to come. That’s why we’re thrilled it’s something we can offer families in our Hearth community, from the comfort of their very own homes—come rain or come shine.

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