Our Hearth Display Comes In Three Frames: Here’s What We Love About Each One

Our Hearth Display Comes In Three Frames: Here’s What We Love About Each One

Adding a Hearth Display to your home is a big decision. Getting your family onboard with a new system is no small feat. But before your easy install or onboarding, you have to decide what color frame you’ll choose.

We spent a lot of time refining our three color choices—Light Wood, Matte White, and Matte Wood. Depending on the month, the choices vary in popularity, too. Here’s what we love about each sleek frame finish. But the decision is up to you.

Light wood is the team favorite. Most of us have opted for this frame finish for the Hearth Displays in our own homes. It’s modern and subtle, versatile for all kinds of home aesthetics and vibes. We love this frame finish over a bold wallpaper or next to woods of varying tones. Try matching your Light Wood frame with a family photo on Privacy Mode.

It’s hard to think of a frame finish more classic than Matte Black. If you’re looking for a little contrast, this is the option for you. We can’t get enough of how this looks against a thoughtful paint color or with other black accents in your furniture. Try adding your Matte Black frame finish Hearth Display to a preexisting gallery wall to give the display an art-like feel.

Lots of families in our community opt for Matte White. It’s ideal for coastal home styles, super simple interiors, or even more classical design identities. The Hearth Display screen really pops against the Matte White frame finish. Try hanging your Matte White Hearth Display on a wall covered in natural fibers or alongside a larger artwork for visual balance.

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