Syncing Your Hearth Display With Your Digital Calendar

Syncing Your Hearth Display With Your Digital Calendar

A family calendar is a must-have to keep everyone in your home organized and on the same page. While a calendar app — such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook — can be efficient for an individual, a mobile app doesn’t create space for the entire family to participate in day-to-day organization. 

We all want our families to operate like a well-oiled machine, which is where Hearth can help! Hearth Display offers a centralized touch screen that will keep calendar events in a central location in your home — the first step towards a more organized family life. 

Involving the entire household is how tomorrow’s events can move from Mom’s brain onto the Hearth Display. Hearth offers an intuitive calendar that serves as a starting point for kids without email accounts, creating a shared responsibility amongst even the youngest members of your household. 

To transition from your existing platform to Hearth Display, the Display will seamlessly connect with your Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook to add calendar events onto your new Hearth Display. 

When users set up their Hearth Display, the associated email becomes linked to the first adult member of your Hearth household. Users can always update the email associated with their subscription, need be. 

Once your calendar is synced, hang your Hearth Display in a centralized place in your home for all members of your household to see — then the real magic begins. Night routines become a breeze. You start repeating yourself less because the kids can see when they have basketball practice themselves. And when things change at the last minute, it is visible for all members of your household. 

With Hearth, whatever digital calendar app you use can be visibly displayed in your home for all members of your household to see. The seemingly endless chaos that comes with keeping the details of field trips, baseball practice, cleaning the house, birthday parties and grocery shopping can all land in one place on your Hearth Display.