To-dos vs. Routines: What You Need To Know

To-dos vs. Routines: What You Need To Know

Make the most of your Hearth’s functions to supercharge your family’s organization.

We know that routines are important for families, and especially, for kids. Routines help us see our small, everyday actions as a part of a larger habit. For children, routines can create a sense of safety and expectation at home. But every family is all too familiar with the way life interrupts even our most ironclad plans. One-off requests, last minute items, and administrative tasks all fall under the bucket of to-dos. 

That’s where Hearth comes in. Routines build independence. To-dos make it instinctive to distribute the mental load. As a source of truth for your family’s routines and to-dos, our Display is engineered for whatever the day brings.


If you’re looking to create order and cement a sequence of events, try routines.

Think about the items you or your kids complete on a routine basis. Capturing these in a routine of their own on your Hearth Display is the perfect fit. A bedtime routine might include tidying the table, brushing one’s teeth, and reading for twenty minutes. Routines are easy to build on your Hearth Companion App and can only be completed on your Hearth Display. When completing routines, list view allows you to check off multiple items at one time. Card view makes it simple to focus on one task at a time, moving through your steps in sequential order. Habit building becomes instinctive with schedule-specific routines.

Here’s an example of routines: Bedtime can be stressful. Now that Skylar can consult her Hearth Display, she feels a sense of ease and ownership. She loves the feeling of accomplishment that comes from marking “done” on tidying up her toys, laying out her outfit for the next day of school, and turning on her night light.

If you’re trying to complete independent and individual tasks, try to-dos.

Sometimes it feels like households are held together by a single to-do list. This function highlights individual tasks—either to be completed that day or scheduled for the future. Plus, if you know this to-do is bound to come up again, you can create a reoccurring to-do—something like every Thursday, for example. To-dos can be given more details via the notes section, which can be completed on the Hearth Companion App as well as on the Hearth Display. Filtering to-dos is an easy way to see what’s on your docket for today, what’s to come, and where to get started.

Here’s an example of to-dos: Jen gets a text from her son Charlie that he’s being sent home with a very important permission slip he needs signed by a grown up that night. By inputting this to-do from her phone at the office and assigning it to “Anyone,” Jen’s mom, her spouse, or Charlie’s sitter can all support by completing this task, even before she gets home.

And at the end of the day, you can think of the two like this: routines are what build personal habits and to-dos are what highlight household tasks.

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