What is Profile Reordering?

What is Profile Reordering?

Now, you can organize your Hearth Display to best suit your family's needs.

It's easy to adjust profiles on your Hearth Display in a way that makes sense for your family. 

To reorder your family’s profiles, tap on “Manage Family” on the Hearth Companion App. Next, select the small reordering icon on the right-hand side of the screen. 

From here, simply drag and drop each profile into your desired order, and once complete, tap on “Done”. 


Once you’ve saved your new profile order, you’ll simply need to refresh your Hearth Display by pulling down from the top of your Display. On your Hearth Display’s Calendar, To-Dos, and Routines pages, profiles will appear in the new order that you have saved. On the To-Dos page, the “Anyone” column will also be included in this new custom order. When assigning profiles to an event, to-do, or routine, the profile assignee options will also appear in your new custom profile order, along with anywhere else your family’s icons appear together.

Your profile will always appear first on the Companion App, followed by your new custom profile order – allowing you to continue assigning events, to-dos, and routines to yourself with ease.


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