Will My Calendar Sync With My Hearth Display?

Will My Calendar Sync With My Hearth Display?

Hearth is built with families in mind. Catering to the unique needs of households, Hearth introduces a native calendar that serves as a starting point for children without email accounts, creating an interactive digital space within the family ecosystem.

As Hearth calendars evolve over time with additional features and automations tailored for families, the transition into the Hearth ecosystem is simple.

Our native calendar serves as an inclusive platform, allowing even the youngest family members to engage with digital scheduling. The commitment to family needs extends into the future, with ongoing development aimed at introducing features and automations that specifically cater to the intricacies of family life.

Making the adoption of Hearth swift and convenient, our Display seamlessly syncs with iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. This integration serves as a bridge, allowing users to effortlessly transition from their existing systems into the Hearth ecosystem. 

During the onboarding process, the associated email becomes linked to the first adult member of the Hearth Family, emphasizing the importance of using a personal email for a seamless and consistent experience. Users are assured flexibility in updating the email associated with their subscription, reinforcing a user-centric approach.

Understanding that each family member has unique needs, Hearth provides three distinct types of profiles. This ensures that users can customize the experience for children, optimizing their participation in the Hearth ecosystem. 

Hearth Display's synchronization capabilities transcend mere integration—they epitomize adaptability, convenience, and a commitment to enhancing the family organization experience. As Hearth continues to evolve, syncing with external calendars remains a cornerstone, ensuring that families can seamlessly integrate Hearth into their unique routines, making the digital calendar a vibrant and integral part of their daily lives.

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