Use Your Family Calendar to Ensure Memorable Moments

Use Your Family Calendar to Ensure Memorable Moments

How to utilize your shared family calendar to have fun and make memories everyday

Oftentimes when we think of a family calendar or a shareable calendar in general, it instills a sense of structure and rule following; however, have you ever thought about using your family planner as a way to incorporate fun and memories that will last a lifetime? You’re probably familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s quote “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Sure it rings true for major life decisions and such, but it also is relevant for family traditions that help make everyday moments memorable. We go into each year with good intentions both professionally and personally, but those don’t bear fruit unless we make a plan. This is specifically important with leisurely moments, as those tend to get overlooked due to the business of our over-scheduled lives. Don’t feel bad, do something about it! We struggle with it too, which is why we suggested performing simple actions like blocking off your lunch hour on your digital calendar, as a reminder to take time for yourself and avoid burnout.

Here are 3 tips for making memorable moments with your family and how to use your family calendar to make them happen:

  1. Make a list. First of all, what fun things do you want to do? Whether this is a summer bucket list or new year thoughts, remember that you don’t have to have a reason. Schedule a family meeting and get everyone involved so that all members can contribute. These can be things you used to do that you’d like to start again, things you’d like to do or even traditions you’d like to practice. Don’t overthink them. They can be as simple as pancakes on Saturday morning, a family walk every Wednesday night, or even an annual family road trip. Don’t forget you can get extended family members involved too! Keep in mind that these things don’t have to cost money and can be as straightforward as promising to have dinner together every Sunday night and sharing your “pits and cherries” for the previous week. Eating together is another great tradition as it has lots of benefits. Hearth has the ability to make lists, so it is a great place to house your family wish list . It’s a touch screen, so your kids can get more involved and maybe even think of your family meeting as fun!
  2. Calendar them. You now have what you’d like to do, but here comes the challenge…hold yourself accountable. Time is our most precious resource and it slips away quickly if we aren't intentional with how to use it. Be sure to put “pancake Saturday”, “Walk Wednesday”, or whatever you decide on your digital planner, so you can not only block time for it, but remind yourself of it as well. Things are more likely to happen when we write them out and schedule time for them. Your Hearth Display syncs with all of your current calendar apps and has a companion app, so you can keep track of your schedule even when you are away from your home.
  3. Look at it. Kids and adults alike do better with schedules they can see. They serve as a reminder, but can also create motivation and excitement. Make sure your Hearth Display is in a good location so everyone can see what is coming and your family traditions can stay top of mind. It’s also a good habit to review what the next day holds the night prior or at the very least, go over the upcoming week with your family so everyone is aware. This will create good habits in your kids too. Overall, being able to SEE what is coming up gets kids and grownups alike excited and gives them something to look forward to, as well as encouragement to stay motivated.

Kids may not remember a lot of things, but they will remember the time you spent with them. It’s often the smallest (and most inexpensive things) that they look back on as some of the best times of their lives. Schedule the time now and create smiles for a lifetime.


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