Here's How Your Hearth Display Updates Automatically

Here's How Your Hearth Display Updates Automatically

Our software is constantly improving to offer you and your family an even more seamless experience. Here's how. 

Hearth Display, much like cutting-edge technologies such as Tesla, utilizes the power of seamless and automatic software updates, transforming the user experience and keeping digital tools on the cutting edge. This dynamic functionality is an integral part of the continual improvement ethos, ensuring that families benefit from the latest features, security enhancements, and optimizations without manual intervention.

Automated software updates have become a hallmark of innovation in the smart home space. This paradigm shift eliminates the need for families to manually initiate updates, providing a hassle-free and streamlined approach to keeping devices current. We understand the transformative potential of automatic updates in ensuring an always-evolving, top-notch user experience.

Similar to Tesla's Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, Hearth Display leverages an automatic update system that constantly seeks improvements. Developers at Hearth work diligently behind the scenes to enhance features, address bugs, and bolster security. When these updates are ready, they are seamlessly delivered to every connected Hearth Display.

Automatic updates are designed for simplicity. Families are notified of impending updates, but the system takes care of the heavy lifting. Much like a Tesla silently downloading and installing new software while parked, Hearth Display ensures a seamless and nonintrusive update process, minimizing disruptions to the your family's daily routine.

Our automatic updates are not just about bug fixes; they are about introducing enhanced features that respond to family needs and preferences. Whether it's refining the To-Dos feature, improving display interactions, or introducing Sleep Mode, each update brings meaningful enhancements.


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