How To Customize and Track Daily Routines for The Whole Family

How To Customize and Track Daily Routines for The Whole Family

We're proud to present: Routines—a recent feature designed to turn the often mundane task of tracking repeatable activities into an engaging and visually exciting experience. More than just a chore management system, Routines is a game-changing addition that injects fun and dynamism into the daily lives of your family members. Created through the Hearth Companion App and seamlessly integrated with your Hearth Display, Routines offers a novel approach to organizing your family's day from morning to night.

With Routines, the concept of completing daily tasks takes on a new, playful dimension. Imagine setting and customizing dynamic routines for each member of your family with the ease and excitement of playing a game. Routines make it possible to navigate through daily responsibilities with a sense of fun and anticipation.

Customization for Every Family Member
Routines bring a level of personalization that is unmatched. Tailor each routine to suit the specific needs, age, and responsibilities of individual family members. Whether it's a child's morning routine or a teenager's after-school activities, customization is at the heart of Routines.

Flexibility in Adaptation
One of the standout features of Routines is its adaptability. As your family's dynamics evolve, so can your routines. Easily make adjustments by adding or modifying the timing of each routine step, ensuring that your family's schedule remains fluid and accommodating to changing needs.

Empowering Ownership
Routines empower each family member by giving them ownership of their daily activities. Through personalized and dynamic routines, individuals can anticipate their next steps and gradually build independence in managing their time and responsibilities.

A Glimpse into the Future
As Hearth continues to innovate in the realm of family organization, Routines represents a significant step forward. It's not just a tool for managing tasks; it's a transformative experience that fosters a sense of joy and engagement within the family unit. The visually exciting approach to routine management is set to redefine how families interact with their daily responsibilities, making every day a new and exciting adventure.

Routines is more than a feature; it's a philosophy that aims to infuse joy into the everyday. With customization, flexibility, and ownership at its core, Routines is poised to become an integral part of your family's journey towards a more organized and dynamic life.

Experience the thrill of turning daily tasks into a game, as Hearth paves the way for a brighter, more engaging future in family organization.

Building your first Routine

Building and editing routines happens in the Hearth Companion app, while completing routines is all managed on the Hearth Display!

1. In the Hearth Companion app, navigate to Routines under the menu tab. This is where you can manage and update your family member’s routines.

2. From here, select + New Routine.

To get started you can use our templated options, or if you already have something in mind, you can create a routine from scratch. To use our smart templates, make sure your kids’ birthdays are all up to date under the “Manage Family” section of the Hearth Companion App.


Completing a Routine

 1. Navigate to the Routines tab on the Hearth Display. Here, you will be able to see each family member’s routines for the week. If you aren’t able to see your newly created routines, simply navigate to another page and back to the routines page, and your routines will appear!

2. To begin completing a routine, tap the Start button.

There are two options to complete a routine. Use the card view to complete a routine one step at a time and celebrate the completion of each step. If you prefer to see and complete every step of the routine at once, switch to the list view by using the toggle on the right side of the screen.


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