The Why + How Behind Our Drop Model

The Why + How Behind Our Drop Model

Operating off of a drop model is in Hearth's DNA. Our very first campaign was hosted on Indiegogo, a powerful crowdsourcing platform where we met some of our very first community members. Limited drops make sense for a tech company of our size for a few reasons. Intentionally manufacturing in drops means that we can conserve resources. Instead of ordering a certain amount of inventory and hoping it's a perfect match for our demand, we can ensure the two line up exactly. This is how we avoid overproduction, a common issue in today's fast-paced consumer-driven market

The drop model, also known as a "limited supply drop" or "exclusive release," involves releasing a restricted quantity of a product at a scheduled date. Here at Hearth, we call this Drop Day! We understand that bringing a Hearth Display into your home is a big decision. That's why announcing our Drop Day early, with lots of time to plan and plenty of examples of how Hearth Display has changed other families' lives, works for us. 

And since we're not rushing to meet the overwhelming demand for Hearth, we can focus on producing at the best possible quality. By concentrating on producing a smaller number of units, we can maintain a meticulous focus on the design, manufacturing, and testing phases. 

Curious how you can shop our drop model? It's simple. As soon as preorders open at 10am EST on November 9th, you'll be able to shop until our drop runs out. 

Preorders are first come, first served, so early delivery windows are always the first to go. For our November drop, our first delivery windows start in January 2024 and extend all the way into early spring.  

Want to get in on the fun this time around? Click here to add our drop to your Google Calendar alongside thousands of other households ready to transform their family life with Hearth Display. 

Think of it this way: our drop model is how we bring the best version of Hearth Display to as many people as possible, while ensuring we're manufacturing consciously as an early-stage startup.