Our Year In Review

Our Year In Review

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to celebrate our community.

This year, we debuted lots of new features. 75 to be exact. Some are obvious and other a little more subtle, working to make Hearth Display run smoother and faster behind the scenes.

Did you know you can set up a custom wallpaper with Privacy Mode? Maybe you’ve heard of Sleep Mode. And thousands of our users have started utilizing our SMS AI-assistant, Hearth Helper. We’re excited to continue to roll out features like these that make our Hearth Display even more customized to our community’s family organization.

Our families have been busy building habits on their Hearth Displays. In fact, 542k routines steps were completed and 224k to-dos were completed this year.

It’s hard to believe, but there are thousands of households with a Hearth Displays. Our community has grown 10x from the start of the year to now. And we’re set to deliver another 5,000 Hearth Displays in the early months of 2024! Our Hearth team has grown too—from twice as many team members as last year, to new family additions (Hearth babies!).

Integrating our new rebrand is almost complete. Expect some subtle changes with color and iconography. As for updates, a mobile app, grocery lists, and meal planning remain at the top of our list. Stay tuned!

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