Sharing a calendar with your partner

Sharing a calendar with your partner

Get your partner onboard using a family operating system

There’s a big question in which family calendar works best and we have to say that the one that works best is the one that is actually used. Chances are that your biggest obstacle in using a family family calendar is the actual utilization part. Whether you are wanting more work-life balance, trying to ensure more memorable moments, or just trying to parent as a team, you and your partner can definitely benefit from a shared calendar. Before figuring out which works best for your family, you may be met with the question of why even use one. Here at Hearth we are believe in using a family operating system. We believe in a digital calendar that was actually purpose-built for families – and that fits both an at home and on-the-go lifestyle.

Wondering how you can set up a share calendar so that your partner actually uses it, not just says they will use it?


Here are 3 tips for getting your partner to not only set up a shared calendar with you, but to use it:

Make it Fun.
Present calendaring like a mind game or puzzle… tetris of your life if you will. What isn’t appealing about using a calendar is that there are better, more fun uses of our time. While it may not be as good as playing monopoly on family game night, we can guarantee that more family game nights will ensue if shared family calendars are used properly!

How Hearth Helps: What makes Hearth appealing to kids (personal profiles, color coding, rewards, etc), makes it appealing to adults alike. Scheduling doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous.

Make It Easy.
While calendars were created to make our lives easier and more efficient, a lot of those on the market are cumbersome to use. Make sure your family calendar is both easily accessible and easily used.

How Hearth Helps: Hearth syncs with your current calendars, making integration seamless into your life. It includes hardware in your home so that everyone can visualize the schedules, along with an app so you can access it at home and beyond.

Make it of Interest.
Show your partner how it is a direct benefit to them to schedule using the shared family calendar. Sure, incentivize them by assigning them one of their favorite things like a tee time or massage, me-time tends to get the job done; but, also use it to schedule us-time. If you’re type a and your partner is type b / less likely to run by a calendar, appeal to them by scheduling free time and using it to 100% relax with them. It will be great for both of you.

How Hearth Helps: If it is a date night ritual you want to begin, try Hearth’s routine builder to make it a part of your weekly or monthly life.


Good luck and happy planning!

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